Thank you….more of 2.0

This isn’t a question. Just a thank you for the January HW format. When I started the month, I wasn’t too excited about this format and not having the models in the workbook. But what I’m noticing is that by having a space to take notes for the topic calls, and my weekly coaching sessions, I have great reminders to refer back to which I ‘m doing often. As a result, I’m applying more of what you teach instead of getting lost or moving on from all the wonderful information. ..who would have guessed :-). I’m so glad I didn’t let resistance stop me from trying it this way and trusting in this process.

Brooke, you always continue to raise the bar. This is month 8 for me. My results are changing for the better which is directly related to the work I’ve been doing in SCS. It is by far one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business! I’m looking forward to more of 2.0.