Thank You ..Not so all over the place

Thanks for all your responses for my many posts the last day. Man, I don’t know how you figured this OD thing out on your own (actually I think you did the food first). I never thought there could ever be another way to get help with alcohol except AA which goes against every bone in my body for me.
So I’m taking your advice on sticking to a drink plan for 6 weeks no matter what. My plan is going to be drink 3-4 nights a week 3 glasses and one of those nights 4 glasses. I feel good that I have a plan and now I can stick to it. I tend to get caught up in the how to and “this is working” so what should I try next. I did this a lot in teaching kindergarten. One day my assistant said to me, “You are so rough on yourself that if something you wanted to try with the students didn’t work right away, you would switch your plan before you gave it a chance. I think I need to remember that I have been drinking a long time and this is not going to change for me in a week, 2 months or even beyond, but I’m not giving up. I can’t give up because I can’t go back to all that chatter and energy that went into drinking. So if I follow what you say and it takes a year so be it. I think I’m also able to do this because I have made so much progress since February in just my thoughts and how to think and feel about them. I know this is working.
I’m also following some of the guidelines with the OE program with the exception I have to fit the drink plan into it. I know it will be hard but I’m up for the challenge. I’m up for saving my sanity and I thank God I found this program
Is my model written in the best and clearest way?
C- drinking
T- I am all over the place with not knowing how to plan my drinking
F- overwhelmed
A- obsess over it, beat myself up, look for answers, get frustrated,
R- I am still all over the place with my drinking plan and feel like I’m not doing it right

C- drinking
T- I am willing to take this journey however long it takes to become comfortable with my drinking or possibly not drink at all.
A- used “Ask Brooke”, decided on a week plan with Brooke’s advice, commitment to stick to plan no matter what