Thank you, Screenwriter

Hey, this is to say that the recent Ask Brooke by “That Screenwriter” was exactly what I needed to read today. So THANK YOU Screenwriter!!
I have lagged behind in my journaling about my FB “frenemy”, and part of the reason is that the thoughts about my relationship with her are painful partly because she wanted all artists taking the courses she organized to play small. And in some ways so did the teacher (I love the teacher dearly, but I think he will be another one of the four people, because I really need to examine this stuff.)
I’ve been partly afraid of putting myself out there online, because I’ve been afraid of how they will react to things like me blogging or more openly promoting myself.
I copied down the new thoughts you (Brooke) presented to someone else: Let People Be Wrong About You. OMG, so good.
Reading these 2 things in Ask Brooke has made my day, and will help me move forward.
I didn’t think the Relationship month would be so important for me, but here it is! Bam! Tying in to my creative block.
So thank you!
-Yvonne (That Artist) : )