Thank you SCS – commitment to weight loss

I’m in CA at a conference and I am LOSING WEIGHT. I stepped on the scale this morning (I brought it with me) and I’m the lowest weight I’ve been in 3.5 years of trying! I’ve lost 20 pounds this year, the lion’s share of it in the last 6-8 weeks in scholars. I decided to go all in on weight loss and learn from the times I went off of my protocol. I stayed committed and now I am getting the result that I want. I am SO PROUD of myself. I definitely learned that writing down my plan 24 hours ahead of time rather than at night is very helpful. The urge jar has been very helpful as well. Urges when I get over hungry by skipping a planned meal are much harder to sit with.
All amazing learning and no beating myself up for needing the lessons.

I was talking to someone yesterday who was remarking about my weight loss and I found myself saying (and actually believing) “yeah, it’s great but the biggest thing I’ve learned is how to have an impulse to do something, not do it and notice what happens”. Whaaat? I so see how this meta skill will serve me when I reach my goal and begin training to run my fastest half marathon ever. That is my “big why”. And since I am doing things ONE AT A TIME, I know that I’m not going to run and lose weight so no running until the weight is gone. That’s a huge motivator somehow. You’re right when you say the why doesn’t need to matter to anyone but me. I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to thought work. I am truly blowing my own mind. I have 23 pounds to go to my goal and it’s as good as done 🙂