Thank you to Whitney.

I really appreciate Whitney being coached on the most recent call. It’s so brave to put yourself out there. I was also struggling with thoughts about past circumstances. It seriously took me a 45 minute deep focus to even pull out what my thought was about my childhood. It’s so automatic because I’ve been thinking it for a long time. So many times with my past, I am thinking about it like I’m really there. I just picture myself as this little girl who was worthy and deserving of all of the love/attention of her parents and wasn’t getting it. It just feels unfair and wrong. So this is my model:

C: Emotional abuse/neglect
T: It’s so unfair!
F: Angry
A: Staying emotionally detached from others
R: I continue to not get the love and attention that I deserve

The thought that I’m going to work on moving to is: It’s so unfair, and that’s okay. I know life is not fair.

I am so attached to the negative thinking about my childhood that I don’t even know what I would want my positive thought to be.