Thanks – and thanks x2 (JS)

Firstly, just to say well done on your fantastic magazine! Really professional and inspiring for us in Scholars but also for people who don’t know your work. Then, thanks also for the Ask Brooke section as I am learning so much just reading everyone’s queries.

Reading other posts on procrastination, I just realised now that while I’ve always been “good” at goal setting and showing up in the past and now finding myself often in procrastination these days, I am actually over-committing to myself in a crazy way – too many big goals, huge dreams in every area of my life, no constraint and I’ve always just pushed myself to get them done. Now I am just THINKING: “learning to watch how I make commitments to myself every day and to be more mindful of if I really want to reach that goal, go that road, use my life energy in that way”. Perhaps the wisdom of menopause is actually kicking in… Nuts!

A big thank-you 🙂

Julia x