Thanks from a new VIP

Just made VIP this month. 🙂 So much work still to do… and so much that my brain now takes care of FOR me because I’ve been building the habit.

For instance. I have a longstanding manual that, while I’d love to be able to be a fulltime stay at home mom to my toddler, I just don’t get to because her other parent struggles with addiction and does not contribute financially. I have tried to resist this manual by telling myself to pay more attention to all I have to be grateful for, and that I should be proud that I’m a badass who works fulltime+ to provide for her kid and pays a mortgage so we’ll have security in the future. Plus I’m reminded daily how much better the deal I get is than what her dad is experiencing, since he’s rarely well enough to be around our truly amazing kid, while I get to parent her every day. I have called this (mostly resistance, ha) doing my thought work, though I know I’ve still been indulging on the regular in secret resentment and sadness about not being a stay at home mom.

Anyway, this weekend I had a realization that would probably seem obvious to other people but totally changed my thinking. I was listening to one of the recorded coaching calls from November, and I suddenly thought, “Wait. If I just commit to getting all my work done by Friday, every week, no matter what, even if it means long hours during the week… I can actually BE a stay at home mom two out of every seven days!” I suddenly felt so light and excited. For much of the year, my job requires constant outputs with hard deadlines that have often meant I get weekend babysitters or pull all nighters rather than miss evenings with my kid. But not this year! I’m going to pull a triple whammy of thought management, higher weekday productivity, and firm boundaries on that whole situation, because I’m so committed to being the awesome stay at home mom I want to be *every single weekend,* and not working past midnight once, while keeping my work outputs just as stellar as they’ve been.

And that’s just one of my totally possible goals. 😉

Thanks for helping me keep blowing my own mind with even the little stuff.

<3 katie in AK