That moment…..

That moment when everything clicks in place is a beautiful moment! After 5 months in scholars it is coming together not only intellectually for me, but more important behaviorally. This months work about organizing (which I love to do anyway) has been transformative when combined with the planning work from last month. My organizing results from this month (SO FAR!) my home office closet (formerly just shut the doors and hope no one looks in there), my car, my purse, our pantry, the entry way/coat closet and…..this weekend my own closet. The process though is all the difference, the mindfulness, the purpose, the 3 questions. This is not just organize stuff, it is organize the things that serve me and have value. An amazing concept. The bonus of it all is my husband is getting involved in the process, and rather than distracting me–has been an excellent partner in the experience. Teamwork! The organizing and planning is also transforming my business and my life in ways that are invaluable to me.
So is there a question here? Maybe, as my thoughts are, can this just keep getting better and better? And yes, I already know the answer to that! With much gratitude and thanks!!