The Beauty Is In The Eyes of The Beholder

I was always judgmental about myself in photos ever since I was a child.
I would look at my school photos, passport photos or photos with friends and throughout four decades of living I could maybe find five photos that I think I look okay in.
Through the work here I learned that these are all thoughts and that also my brain is inclined to look for flaws in myself so I’ve done work (so I thought) over the past few months and each time I looked at the mirror I really started loving the reflection I see. I loved how I look most days, especially after I lost weight and my face became more toned and defined.

Everywhere I go I get two common reactions: almost every person who meets me says either to my face or to people we know ‘Wow, she’s so beautiful.’
At the same time, each time I am asked to be included in a photo or take a selfie with a friend, always I am getting a reaction of ‘Wow, you look so terrible in photos, it’s like it’s not you.’

I tried to experiment over a week and took all sorts of selfies of myself with great hair days, make up and each one (I thought) was uglier than another.
I thought to myself, ‘My goodness, if this is how I really look, I should never leave the house.’

So I heard that there are two concepts to consider: One, is that we don’t look to other people the way we look to ourselves in the mirror, because the mirror flips how we look and changes the symmetry, etc.
Second, many people overestimate how good they look and usually looking at their photos give them a good reality check for what other people see.

So even though I know I could choose to think whatever I want, I need to have a professional photo shoot soon, for my business and I am thinking that perhaps I should actually look at those ugly photos and go to a dermatologist and get fillers, botox and make some serious updates on my face, because other people who look at my photos also say I look terrible.
Is this the case where it’s a C and not a T?