The Before And After Process

At some point I downloaded a worksheet that Brooke offered that goes along with the Before And After Process. With more time at home recently, I decided to dig deep and work on a couple different things: a relationship issue and also a long term goal. My question has to do with using this worksheet. There is the BEFORE model and the AFTER model. Then in-between those is a section labeled THE PROCESS which is a way to visualize that many different models go here during the journey.
I ask this because of the way the questions are presented on the worksheet. For the Before Model, the question for the C Line is “What are the facts of your current situation?” For the After Model, the question prompt for the C line is “What is the best case situation?” — Those answers are not the same for me, yet I am used to practicing an UM and a IM where the Cs are always the same.
So in summary, to use the Before and After Process effectively, can the C be different in the BEFORE and AFTER models?