The Blame Game

I am reading How To Have a Better Life and I am on Chapter 3 The Blame Game.

I’m reading about victim mentality and it reminded of a situation I had with a coach.

I was brand new to the coaching world, she was my first coach and I joined her mastermind. As months past, I felt she wasn’t covering the things she had told me she would.
Her response was things can change, and if I’m not getting results from what she is teaching well I shouldn’t blame her. That by blaming her I’m playing the victim.

At the time I tried to understand but it never completely made sense. Yes, I know it’s up to me to get results. But when I made my purchase and I didn’t receive what was promised then how is that considered victim mentality? She seemed very defensive and didn’t take ownership at all about what she told me she was going to teach and decided to make changes after the mastermind started. But somehow she turned it all on me that it was my victim mentality causing all of this.

Please help me understand. Because I do feel I understand victim mentality. Just not in this situation.