The closet

Hi. This is Lori from Ky. First. Thank you for all of my light bulb moments. I’ve been in scholars since July. I’m down 40 pounds (80 to go), I randomly ask for things, my schedule is beautiful and I get snit done on purpose. I had no idea how much crap I’m holding on too. I’ve taken 10 large bags of stuff to donate. Clothes that are too big have been a struggle. Managing my mind has been harder than I expected. As I’m writing this I’ve pulled summer clothes that were too small this summer but will be too big for next summer out of the donation pile over and over.
C- I have clothes in s smaller size
T. Who am I to say that I’ll be smaller than that next summer
F. Scared.
A keep clothes
R— they fit (haven’t lost as much as I planned)

C. I have clothes in a smaller size
T. They will be too big next year
F. Scared but excited
A get rid of them
R. I get to buy new clothes in even a smaller size

They are in the trunk of my car. How is this even possible? Mind blown again.