The Concept of The Urge Jar

I have been using the urge jar and its concepts to handle all my urges to overeat. I set up a protocol and followed it since we received the jar and it has been working just lovely.

For the past 3 weeks I have been trying to use it to handle my urges to quit on my writing daily plan but have been unsuccessful.

My brain is telling me that it doesn’t work in this area the same way because when it comes to urges to overeat, it’s actually easier not to eat and so all I need to do is remain present and settle into my bodily sensations and let them run their course.

With my daily writing, an urge to quit (or rather not start) writing shows up EVERY SINGLE DAY and I recognize it, but then I cannot just sit with it and do nothing. I have to generate what seems like a huge force to get myself to write for the next three hours I scheduled to.
It truly feels impossible for me.
My hands feel literally heavy, as if my muscles object being used to type.

So I saw that I was able to handle 3 types of urges with the jar: stop overeating, stop overdrinking, and stop overspending.

When it comes to an urge to not take action, how do we get to process the urge and follow with a massive action rather than sit back and do nothing?