The cruelty of other people feels devastating.

I am getting very worked up over the things I see other people saying on social media. Facebook is the number one place I get clients for my coaching business, and in these early stages I have to spend a lot of time there making connections inside of groups. However I’m deeply passionate about human rights and have been to the protests here in Portland, OR, which is the subject of a lot of conversation. My own family and friends are talking about us like we are criminals and posting memes about blowing up the entire city or shooting protesters and the like. I’m getting stuck in a loop of feeling devastated by this narrative and I just want to detach from thinking that I should control their perceptions of me or the movement to stop police brutality. I am also almost so upset I feel sick and like I need to protect my black friends, even though I know that this isn’t news or new to them, only to me.