The Day After

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and he wanted to go out to dinner with some friends that we usually drink with. But I’m not drinking. I had to come directly from work, and my brain was fried. I didn’t have lunch, so I was hungry. I was thirsty. I was grumpy, no time to sit and meditate or write after work to reset myself. Sitting at the dinner table felt like torture. Every word from others felt loud and annoying. I went to sit in the car for 10 minutes to meditate while they sat at the table and felt better when I came back but it was awkward and I still wasn’t my normal self. I didn’t feel like I could be friendly or smile. Our guy friend sat across from me and I really wanted to sit across from my girl friend, and didn’t want to look at him all night. I never got back to being my pleasant self. The only good thing that happened was I didn’t give in and have a drink, even though I’m sure that would have helped and made me easier to live with. Do I need to apologize? Explain? How can I handle this type of situation better next time? Thank you. Is this what Brooke means when she says, “You’re going to feel like ass.”?