The downside of being optimistic

Hi Brooke!
The day before yesterday, I reached to two former English students of mine, explaining what my coaching project was and asking, The Prosperous Coach’s way, if they knew anyone who might look like my target customer. Their answers were immediate and very positive. One of them wants to work with me and both are going to spread the word! I was really pleased with their response because I make it mean that they trust me and so, as a consequence, that it’s going to work. I expected that because I’m convinced that my coaching project is very valuable.
However, I didn’t expect the thoughts and emotions that came up with their answers. “So now it’s going to be for real! So now I’ve got to be authentic! So now I’ve got to come up with valuable content. Will I be able to do it? Am I not an impostor?” Of course, I ended up in chocolate and browsing memory websites. Buffering big time (but being aware of it, YEAH!)..
So what if, instead of not thinking of the emotions I’m going to have (I must be in denial?), I foresaw that I was going to be overwhelmed by negativity and still, I’ll be able to master it? What if I imagined the “worst” case scenario in which I survived? For instance, I’m going to succeed so much that I’ll end up quitting my regular job and make so much money that I’ll pay lots of taxes? Then I’ll feel insecure (and proud) and alone (and independent)… Do you think that would be something worth exploring?
Thank you so much!
Nan – deep work in progress