The dreaded jealousy

Whenever I hear about my ex and his partner, I feel what I think is a physical reaction of jealousy and grief. I obviously can’t control outside circumstances of people telling me things about them, but also can’t really put my fingers in my ears ๐Ÿ˜‰
What would you do in those sorts of moments?
I’m ok once I can get away and do a model but in the moment it feels awful and I also feel like others might pick up on my reaction. Yesterday I found out they’re going on a holiday next month. I had the initial awful reaction and excused myself to the bathroom, and here are my models from later that night:

C Holiday
T They are so in love
F Rejection
A Mope and obsess
R Believe they are so in love

C Holiday
T I am jealous and thatโ€™s ok
F Acceptance
A Donโ€™t obsess and get on with life
R Acceptance of my feelings