The Drunk Hostess

I am not a good cook. This is a thought while my husband will argue that it’s a circumstance 🙂
I start with that only because each time we host and I cook, I watch people end up eating mostly the bread and not touching my food. Some will actually point out that it’s too this or not enough that.
Anyway, we invited a colleague of my husband over for dinner the other day and I researched recipes and spent four days running to buy more groceries and standing on the day of the dinner cooking for hours, wanting for everything to be perfect.
My husband insisted that we will not order catering because he promised the guy a home-cooked meal and praised my cooking in order to impress him.
At 4pm, exhausted and stressed, after everything was ready and only 2 hours before he arrives to us, I suddenly felt so uptight and for the first time in my life opened a bottle of red wine and started to drink so that I could arrive to the dinner more relaxed and mellow.
It worked.
1.5 glass later, I was all smiles, relaxed, outgoing, didn’t care about how the food turned out, and surprisingly had compliments from the guests.

Alcohol is something that I rarely drink. I will have perhaps 5 glasses of wine in a year.
How do I know if I should have in mind now that I’ve taught my brain something new that might later lead to bad consequence?Worried
To start with, since I am trying to lose weight, I am sure the wine I had will stall my weight loss, so there is some bad consequence there. On the other hand, I showed up as the most gracious hostess, so that’s a good consequence.