The feeling "HOPEFUL"

One of the feelings that I’ve analyzed for myself is “hopeful” which is something I find myself constantly writing in my “want to feel” line.

When I analyzed it in more depth I realize that I like to feel that because I also associate it with having all the options in my life open and being open to everything that comes my way. I realize I connect it to not limiting myself or restricting my thoughts or possibilities. I also realized that it leaves open the possibility of failure – not a bad thing – but perhaps linking it to the thought “I hope things will work out” isn’t the most empowering thought I could have.

I’m wondering if that could partially account for the feelings I’m having related to imposter syndrome at work and being scared that things won’t work out. The idea of hope is being turned on its head for me and now I’m questioning if it is truly a feeling I should/want to be holding onto so tightly in order to have the most inspiring and (I wanted to say hopeful) motivated actions/results at work.