The feeling of dread.

My thoughtwork this month has led me to see that the feeling of dread holds me back so much. I want to believe that I am a consistent follower of healthy daily habits but every morning I feel dread about those habits. Check my models and see what I can tweak and where I need to do more models.
C- list of daily habits (gym, thoughtwork, housework, healthy eating)
F- Dread
T- if I start my day i won’t ever get a break or nap.
A- go back to bed and lay there for hours, then start but now I don’t have time for everything
R- A few habits done, but no gym or personal care

C- daily habits
T- lets get the day started and then you can have a nap before the kids get home
F- don’t believe self . Once I start my day I am pretty happy and don’t want to stop.
A- stay in bed for few hours, then start but don’t have time for everything
R- a few habits done but no gym or personal care

Is this a time management issue? Or is this morning anxiety sabotaging? This has been my issue since joining scholars. Maybe I should just let myself have a nap first thing after kids go to school and have tighter time management afterward? The sleep/nap is my coping mechanism regarding anxiety I think.