The Fridge Door

I don’t know when we were sold on the idea that our fridge door should be overcrowded with bottles and jars we used half a time, three years ago, but we should keep them for the next time we might use that recipe.
Here’s a nice unexpected ripple effect from losing weight through the Stop Overeating Masterclass – I’ve got no more use of these expired bottles and jars!
And I ain’t planning on getting new ones!
My fridge door is clean, spacious, empty, with only three bottles of my favorite salad dressings, sugar-free, of course. I’ve got milk and half & Half, sparkling water and that is that!

My husband asked – ‘What if a guest will come to town and really want a toast with jam?’
‘I will take them to a lovely brunch and they could have as much as they want there,’ I answered.
That fridge door never looked better!