The fun is over

I have a belief that I’m a very social person and am drawn to being with others and traveling. I’ve been noticing a propensity to binge or eat off plan when I return home from something fun. When I ran it through a model I found the thought “the fun is over.” I’ve been toying with some other thoughts and could use some help figuring out what I want to think and whether the C is really a drop in a hormone I’m trying to recover from with binging, or if that even matters. Also, I typed that first sentence as if it were a fact, then realized it’s a belief. How do I examine if it’s a belief I want to keep?

C – Return home after being with others
T – The fun is over
F – low (not sure how to describe this, the reverse of a high)
A – binge on whatever is easy/accessible in kitchen for hit of dopamine (chips, candy, ice cream), move into another model of either “might as well eat more now that I’m off plan” or “that was good, I want more” and continue the binge.
R – I don’t feel or sleep well, move into a model with regret either that night or the next morning (the fun of feeling good is also over??)

C – Return home
T -This is a time I usually feel some post-party urges, nothing I can’t handle
F – Capable
A – Feel the urge and move into what’s next on my calendar (usually nighttime routine) anyway. Stay on plan for eating and resting.
R – I handle the urge

Am I inviting urges that wouldn’t be there by thinking that?