The "Gatekeepers"

I am a screenwriter and haven’t “broken” into the industry yet.
I lived under the notion that there are gatekeepers that their only purpose is to block me from “making it” or getting my script read.

Yesterday I watched few auditions for American Idol and suddenly it occurred to me: those judges there are the “gatekeepers” for the performing singers, yet you could see how they pray for a singer to do well. How they pray for the song to be moving, for the vocal ability to be mesmerizing. They are not there to keep people away. They come to their work day, wishing to find out the next greatest talent and help them emerge.

I could think the same way about my industry.
The “gatekeepers” want me to do well so bad, they open scripts after scripts and beg for it to be the next Coen Brothers talent.

True or false, it seems like a much more useful thought to have…