Hi, Brooke!

My name is Darice (sounds like Clarice or Patrice). I’m a 51 year old Real Estate Agent who started my real estate career 2 years ago. I LOVE my job as a real estate agent. The role suits my personality and skill set very well and am doing better than average for a “newer” agent. I have an ongoing issue I hope you can help me with. For most of my adult life, I was in the advertising business. I worked for small advertising agencies in Philadelphia and I always had “good” jobs. However, about every 2 years I would quit whatever job I was in and get a new job. I would tell myself that the boss was not right, or the skills weren’t right, or it was boring, or there was no where to move up, etc. I always felt like there was something “calling me” to something else and I was never in the right spot. Then I found real estate! And I love my job. Now, i have been with my brokerage for EXACTLY 2 years yesterday and I have started to have thoughts about moving to another brokerage where their business model is different and I might make more money and I might be more productive (both reasons why I am doing SCS!) Where I am right now is not bad. Its good. I am not unhappy but the bottom line is there are pros and cons to each both brokerages. Regardless, I know that is not the issue. The issue is I always think that the grass is greener elsewhere. (Luckily I only do that with jobs and not relationships. I have been married 22 years very happily and never think of quitting my marriage or husband!) Help! I want to be satisfied with what I have and where I am and stop this “fake” wanderlust I have created because my success depends on me and not the brokerage – no matter where or who I work with. I look forward to your help! – Thank you! Sincerely, the grass is always greener / Darice Eppinger