The Heart of Our Stories

Hello, hello, hello there, Queen Awesomeness!

I had a realization about the heart of the stories we tell by the lives we live.

If we learn to question every thought, every decision, and every action we take, we get the opportunity to rewrite our stories:

If I let go of the desire to hate my job and wanting to leave, where do I want to be?
If I am no longer a cop, who am I without my badge?
If I am no longer a struggling writer, what am I?
If I no longer want to leave my husband, what is my story now?

It’s as if we all are the multi-protagonists of the same world story and our story really is one – the issue of our perceived reality and identity.

As I manage my thinking, as I wonder as I wander, I too, at some days don’t grasp who am I.
The story I was telling has been omitted from my book of life and I rewrite it everyday with each thought and each action.

How wild, weird, and wonderful you are, Brooke.

With immense gratitude.

That Screenwriter.