The idea of being an example.

I am currently going through the worksheet on Time Management from the Study Vault and I came across this popular saying from Brooke, that her life’s motto is being an example and then she puts it in the center of all of her decision making, which sounds marvelous and totally honorable.

I would also like to live a life of being an example of what is possible, but I also have some shit to do. This is not really getting me anywhere closer to the goal – i.e I am the only one managing furnishing a new house from scratch, I am a mum, I am the one who preps Christmas dinner, and Christmas presents. This means that I put off doing all the other things, like creating content for my business. I am a newly certified coach and looking for new clients.

Of course, if I do the Model this is what I get:

T: Thinking that I am not the example of whatever potential I would like to be.
F: Frustrated
A: all the domestic routine
R: I am not example

I don’t see how to get away from this loop. Delegation does not seem to be an option. Acceptance of this situation as temporary won’t change anything, as tomorrow there will be another house or family thing that will be put on me and fighting for my mental and time space.

Is there a loophole in my reasoning?