Hello Brooke,
How do you handle and think about a situation when you have the initial shock of it? Do you just feel the pain and shock and let your heart pound away, sweat, feel nauseas OR can you say something to yourself, like a mantra, to calm yourself to move forward to the next step of action?
Fifteen years ago, a 17 year old, close family friend, committed suicide. Three years ago, close family friend, brother of the one who committed suicide, was in a farming accident and helicoptered from accident scene to have emergency brain surgery and lost his vision. Five years ago, my teen son was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. He went to ER, then transferred to bigger hospital by helicopter, then spent 3 days in hospital. One year ago, I was with my best friend when she had emergency surgery and diagnosed with colon cancer. I got the news before her. All of these are examples of situations where I was given news that shocked me and my initial thoughts caused me a panic attack, hyperventilated, weakness, nauseated, etc.
Your dog is stung by the wasp and you think your dog is going to die. So to me, these situations are pretty much similar. Do you just feel your feelings of extreme panic OR can you offer a thought or mantra to say right away to keep from losing your shit?!!!!
I would love all the help I can get with this. I want to think a thought that can be neutral or help me feel somewhat better to keep calm in situations like this.
Hugs!! Tracie