Insatiable to connect so I overeat

Hi Brooke,
I am working the model around my over eating. I have gotten to the point that I know that I am overeating in situations where I desire connection with other people. In other words, I often forget to eat when I am by myself. But, as soon I am with another person or in a social situation where I anticipated personal interaction I am all about the food. I will even eat when the other person is not eating — and if they’re not eating, I will eat enough for both of us! Arugh!!!

But, I can’t get to the thought that gets me to that point. It is blank, blank, blank! What is going on here?

C: Food/Connection
T: ——————–
F: Insatiable to connect (even thinking about this makes my stomach churn like I am hungry!?)
A: More focused on eating than connecting
R: The endless need to connect remains

Thank you for all that you do! (Such small words for such big appreciation!)