The Last 27 Days

Will you please provide feedback on the model below my thought download? It’s a simple thought, but I think it will help me really see how even the simplest models can a have a big impact on everyday life. Thanks for your time!

I am back and feel exhausted from the last 27 day vacation. It’s been visitors, vacation and on going fun and whoa do I feel it. I have seen family, seen friends, played in the Gulf of Mexico, gone to a Texas baseball game, shopping (lots of it), eaten at so many restaurants, swam, played, flown on airplane, walked, run. All of it and now that I am home I feel tired and exhausted from the whirlwind of the last month! My intention is to ease back into home life, no major expectations if I am not feeling 100% back. I can start with baby steps by doing what feels good to me like — food protocol, kundalini and get on the bike for 30 minutes. I am so glad my meals are already planned and now I can just fuel my body and get back into running on fat vs. sugar. My intention today is to allow the kids to stay home with her and just be, be happy, be bored, feel and figure it out. I’ll go to work, get myself organized and up to date. Move at a moderate pace – flow and be with no judgement – and allow for that 72 hours to seep into my aura. Giving myself that readjusting period with little to no opinion, and definitely no complaining.

C: The last 27 days
T: I have been on the go.
F: Tired
A: Grumpy, I don’t want to talk much, low energy, go to bed early.
R: I watch how I come down from being on the go.

C: The last 27 days
T: It usually takes me 72 hours to readjust to normal life.
F: Patient
A: Start morning routine (food protocol, kundalini, exercise), kids stay with babysitter, I check in with work, no commitments, quiet time, move slowly.
R: I take my time to readjust to life at home.