The Length of the River

I managed to lose 40 pounds since I joined SCS in February. I have 10 more pounds to lose, but by now I don’t fret, as overeating became a new habit of mine and food is no longer entertainment or a source for dealing with emotions.

I was reading about the whole myth of how long does it take to form a new habit and we were sold on the idea of 21 days or 30 days and tons of businesses profit from this idea, creating a 21-day challenge this and 30-day challenge that.

But I wanted a scientific answer that will tell me truly how long will it take for my brain to pave new neural pathways and I found the answer:
144 days, which is about 4.5 months. That’s good to know.

One also needs to be aware of around day 66, when we are bound to hit plateau and think of swimming back to where we came from.

It made total sense to me because looking at how long it took me to acquire the skill of eating healthy, that’s about the time it took to put it on automatic.

To me personally, this is great news.
Not having any idea about the length of the river is terrifying. But having an idea of its length helps me know about the daily effort I need to put into the swimming and consistently make a progress to the other side.