The Line Between Coaching & Being You?

So I’ve been having a hard time understanding where I should be a partner/friend vs a life coach. I wholeheartedly believe in the model and all the coaching techniques I use. I use them in my personal life and with my clients but lately my boyfriend feels like I’m coaching him rather than being his partner. He will say, “I’m just telling you as my partner, I don’t need a coach right now”. For me I’m like, that’s just me and who I am, I’m not coaching you, that’s what I would say/do as your partner.

Then with friends, they don’t really like what I have to say. They want me to support them in their self pity. They say I come off cold and not understanding instead of supportive.

I guess the biggest awareness thing for me right now is my coaching is me. Like that is who I am, those are the things I believe. I’m not being unsupportive or anything I’m just being me and stating what I believe in instead of just agreeing with them.

I did a model:
C: boyfriend states, “I don’t need a coach right now. I am just talking to you about the financial standpoint, because you’re my partner”
T: I provided my honest opinion and I’m living out myself truthfully, he can interpret that anyway he wants
F: calm
A: inaction
R: we each do our own thing

Does any of this make sense and do you run into this sort of thing?

Thank you!