The line between too much work and self-care

Hi Brooke and SCS Team,

I was curious about where the line crosses between doing “too much” work and resting. I know Brooke teaches about how to prioritize and talks about how our lives cannot realistically be balanced; that at certain times of our lives we will have different focuses of attention.

Right now I am on my path to starting up my life coaching business (recently earned my LCS certification!) and have been working hard on my new coaching business. I literally feel like I could work on it all day because it’s exciting to me. But I was wondering how much work is “too much”?

I’ve read Steven Pressfield’s books on “Turning Pro” and “The War of Art” and he seems to imply that turning pro means working hard at something (taking massive action) until you get the result you want.

Would love any insight on this topic. Thank you so much!