The little things

Can I get feedback on this model? Thank you!

Current approach: I don’t always get around to doing little things like returns.
Why is my brain thinking this? Because I’m creative, and creatives are flighty, because I have more important things to do in my life, and because one day I want an assistant to do this stuff for me.

Is this useful for me? No, the little things sit there and take up energy.

C: Target return
T: I’ll do that later
F: Unmotivated
A: Do nothing with the return
R: It keeps being pushed off

I would like to try:
C: Target return
T: I get little stuff done right away and it takes no energy at all. Part of my secret sauce for moving fast in the world is knocking these things out right away.
F: Inspired, motivated
A: Do it right away
R: Enjoy not having a bunch of little things