The manual’s back!

Hi Brooke-
So, I binge listened to all your podcasts starting in November and got into Self Coaching Scholars in February. Obviously I agreed with everything you said, including all your info about the manual. I thought, wow, this is great, I’ll never have a manual for anybody again, especially a partner. Fast forward to right now: I’m a single lady and I just started dating a new fella. And, lo and behold, the manual is back! And it’s big.
Part of me thinks, you have to have a manual when you’re dating, how else do you filter out the riff-raff? But the other part of me says, you know Brooke wouldn’t say that. In fact, you remember exactly what she said about this and it was something like, get somebody who you find it easy to love. And then the third part of me says, you know you have to train them anyway.
I have to tell them the expectations, right? You can’t just let them do whatever they want. I’ll manual him now so that my life is easier later on. That’s how I self-coached. I know you’re going to approve-