The mindset of overdrinking

Hi coaches! I’ve made a commitment to be curious and not drink for 30 days and observe the effects on my mental health. I have observed a more uplifted mood, more restful sleep, and more energy on the days when I would normally drink, but DIDN’T. I allowed my urges to drink, which actually weren’t that many. Today is Friday, it would normally be ‘have a drink’ day, and I don’t even feel the desire to drink right now. BUT, I do find myself thinking about the future. Like oh man – what will I do on a vacation. I won’t get to enjoy wine anymore. So it’s like I’m nostalgic for drinking that I won’t get to do or something. What are the best tools we have in Scholars to help me change this mindset around drinking? I know that the future me, who doesn’t even desire alcohol doesn’t think like this, but I also want to be patient with myself and explore what’s really going on here.