The Miracle of SCS


Just want to share that I have been going thru a crisis, a change was forced upon me-(and its OK, its good, its actually GREAT)

and I knew I wanted to find the story about it that brought me peace, I didn’t want to dwell in pain, I wanted to move on quickly (without denying my feelings) so I can carry on with Life

so I went thru about 10 versions of a story and about 100 models

knowing what result I wanted
and what feeling I wanted
and then I found the thoughts
and actions

It took about 5 days to get to a good place- because the structure and approach is so clean

CTFAR is such a systematic brilliant approach to getting to a healthy and productive place.

(I DO have my back, Brooke! And so does the universe, and there are no mistakes, and everything is happening for me, and I can trust myself to know what to do. :))