The Model

I am new at the model and began with a thought download about my life in general. I then looked at each thought and tried to see if anything was a fact (circumstance) and out of the list there was only one. However, when I looked at the other thoughts I felt that some of them could be results and became confused about two things:
1) Should the thought download only be thoughts or is it possible that some of them are results? An example of this is, ‘I hold back and second guess myself.’ I feel that this is a result but could be a thought too.
2) A lot of my thoughts had the word ‘want’ in them or are questions. For example ‘I want to be proud of myself, I want to be an exceptional coach, Do I have a story worth telling? How can I make money from what I love to do? etc. Are these thoughts or do I need to reword them so that I can get more understanding from the model.

Thank you and I hope that makes sense!