The Model

Hi. I am questioning the circumstance line in the model.
I understand that Brooke presents any circumstance as neutral, however I feel that some circumstances are not.
I believe that there are mean comments. If that is my belief then what I am saying is that there is such a thing as a mean comment. A comment that is intended to hurt others is mean. There are some comments that would be considered universally mean – “roll up in a corner and die.”
My question is – aren’t there ultimate truths?
I believe that murder is wrong and I also believe that anyone who doesn’t think that is wrong. Those are two thoughts/beliefs, but I believe that “murder is wrong” is an ultimate truth. Murder is not neutral, and saying it is, is super dangerous. My thought that murder is wrong doesn’t make it wrong – murder is just wrong – whether I think it is or not!

I think the model works so well for so many different circumstances, but I think it doesn’t work in this case.