The Model

I am three weeks into Scholars. The pre-scholar me (listening to podcasts) and these last three weeks are blowing my mind with incredible transformation. I purpose to learn this model proficiently. It has been a challenge. Even doing the thought download is weirdly cloudy. I have asked to be coached on it once and have listened to believing the model several times and also watched replays of classes on the models.
My biggest thing is I take a thought (or a feeling) and put it in it’s spot. If it is what I would perceive a negative thought or feeling, I immediately insert the thought or feeling I want and finish the model in a way that would bring about a good result.
It is just a thought or feeling and if I fill out the model I am guessing on a negative outcome that could result wouldn’t I? A thought from my past that doesn’t serve me is that I can’t figure this out, it’s too hard. But another thought that does serve me from my past is that if I stick it out and keep at it, eventually the light will go on and I will get it in a real way that cannot be taken from me.
In doing the model AFTER a negative result, I can fill it in correctly and learn from it. I can also easily fill in the model after a positive result. It’s what to do when I want to jump on the thought and do a model right away that it doesn’t seem to make sense or work. Hopefully I’m not too confusing. 🙂
I’m looking forward to a response that can assist me with this. Thank you for your time.