The Model

Hi I’m new to the program and September is my first month so today is my second day. Would love some feedback on the model.

C Launch new business
T Everything must be perfect or people will judge me as unprofessional or not enough ____
F Overwhelmed, anxious, afraid
A Perfection paralysis, endless research
R Not producing any results that can be judged. No domain name, website, content, etc. Waste time binge watching shows, staying up too late, sleeping in too long, obsessing over wardrobe choices and what to eat, social media blackhole instead

New Model
C Launch web presence by Sept 30
T Launching a new business to help others is exciting and welcome
F Proud, excited, confident, decisive
A Decide on a name, choose a registrar, buy domain name, obtain tax id, open business bank account, write 8 articles, sign up one new client, business cards
R Business launched