The Model and family drama

I wanted to share how powerful the model is with family drama. A number of years ago my sister-in-law wigged out on me and called me horrible names in front of my niece, said terrible things about my children and said we were no longer allowed in her home. We haven’t spoken since. I’ve come to peace with the situation over the years and I am even grateful for the drama free life my husband, children and I have been able to have since the incident happened.

Then my uncle died the other day and I asked my dad about ordering funeral flowers from the whole family (I intended on putting everyone’s name on the card including my brother and sister-in-law). He said my sister-in-law had ordered them from her, my brother and my father, leaving my family out.

After the initial hurt and anger I sat down with my handy dandy notebook and did my model work. By the time my husband woke up an hour later I was already feeling neutral and actually relieved. I will often try to find a “fun” thought if I can and my fun thought was “At least I get to pick the arrangement I want to come from my family….she has horrible gaudy taste!”….lol!

I even found the feeling of gratitude for her choosing to not pretend we are a “happy family”. It would be disingenuous and I am good with that.

Thank you for the model showing me how to handle any situation in a neutral versus negative way. I’ve even done model work on the situation that happened years ago and I am able to feel neutral about it as well.

Now I can go to the wake and funeral with peace in my heart.

Much love,