The Model & Byron Katie

Hi Brooke, thanks for making clear, that thoughts make our feelings, -> actions and -> results. I am just wondering, why you say, this model it from yourself, i heard it from Byron Katie in 2009. Katie says, there is a clear order: think / feel / act / have.

and she teached me, that thoughts are not true (doing the work on the thought and question it! finding, who I am, without the thought and turning it around, finding examples, which are same true or more true as the original belief… = the work of byron katie).

AND she teaches in loving what is, bestselling book from 2002, that not the reality (= circumstances, facts) are causing our problems, but out meanings (!) about it: “-> and that means….” -> not the fact is the problem, but our meaning (= Epiktet, old Greek Philosopher 😉 said that already… and many more before Katie)

Katie teaches us to write down what we BELIEF about the “FACT”…. and this is your “T-line”.

thank you for telling me your thoughts about it, I feel confused about it. All I hear from you, I heard from Katie long before.