The model review

I am trying to understand the model as best as I can and so I am coaching myself on models. If you can let me know if I am filling it in right:

Unintentional model:
c- coaching session with client
t- “what are we going to talk about?”
f- apprehensive to having a session
a- Resistive to session – can I write “resistive here as an action?
r- not a powerful coaching session

Intentional model:
c- coaching session with client
t- “I’ll ask her what she wants to talk about”
f- confidence
a- asking powerful questions
r- powerful coaching session

Also, when I’m writing an intentional model – sometimes I don’t love the statements I come up with in my intentional models or it’s challenging for me to come up with a thought that will help with the model. What should I do in this case? I have worked backwards ( bottom to top) and the thoughts that serve me sometimes don’t come to me or I try to bridge the thought but it’s still not as “believable” or empowering.