The Model with Kids

Hey Brooke! Happy May!
So, I am a therapist and I work a lot with kids with a variety of clinical diagnoses ages 3 and up. I am learning new ways to help parents see how their thinking is creating their feels and reactions to their children and that has always helped. I was doing that long before I knew what I was actually doing, now I just do it with intention and more clarity. I think a lot of my kids could benefit from some version of this and I wonder if any of your coaches or your students have done work around the model and kids. I would love to speak with them. I have a ton of ideas, and would love to bounce them around with someone. Kids especially love to have videos and visual representations and games (so do adults, but I digress) that teach them stuff in a fun way. I wonder if that already exists?
Thank you for everything and I look forward to working on my relationships this month!