The Model

C-I launched my life-coaching business Dec. 1-I have no paying clients and have not booked any mini sessions, I work another job full time, I have 4 children 50% of the time.
T-I am overwhelmed, there’s not enough time to manage everything. I suck, my business is never going to take off.
F-Confused, disappointed, guilty for the money I’ve spent, disheartened
A-Procrastinate, starts lots and finish nothing, avoid what I’ve set out to do
R-nothing gets done, action is inconsistent, don’t keep my commitments to myself-my mind is plagued by all I need to do; my life is a hot mess.

I’m working on models most mornings. I think I’ve mostly done it correctly. My question is: often when I find a better feeling thought it doesn’t “stick” and doesn’t make much of a difference. In this model, the better feeling thought I chose was, “There is enough time.” but I still muddle around and feel like there’s not. I know this crappy though is leading to my lack lustre results. Any insights?