The Mommy & Thank you!

So my dare of the day was tell my Mom about how I have changed my eating, no sugar no flour. I realize while working with Rachel that I have been hiding who I am from her, as well as what is happening in my life, because I feared her reaction. So I shared. And she responded by offering me a cookie. In her defense, “it was just a little cookie”. I am so thankful to you and Rachel for teaching me how to accept her where she is, let her be her and knowing that her thoughts about my eating protocol are her thoughts and do not affect my thoughts/feelings. Added bonus I really didn’t want the cookie!

Nice thing was that later today when I say her, she had thought of some questions, told me that she is so glad this is working for me, that she can tell I have lost weight and that she loved and supported me no matter what.

The approval was nice, but I didn’t need it. It was so amazing to have the tools to do this and know I would be okay no matter how she reacted.

Now to get to that place with how I think about the husband! LOL.

Thanks for everything, this work is amazing.