The most horrible feeling. I think I’m doing this wrong. (MS)

Hi Brooke,
I’m working on the assignment this week to list the worst case scenarios and evaluate what I think is the most horrible feeling. I am the mom of 2 little boys. For me the worst feeling would be the feelings I would have surrounding losing a child. The fear, the guilt, the shame, the powerlessness… If they were to be taken from me (like abducted) or killed in a car accident, or abused beyond recovery… If they were to be harmed in these ways (I know kids are supposed to struggle, but you told us to write the worst case scenario) I think I would feel suicidal.

Am I doing this wrong? I don’t see how knowing this is supposed to help me. I am NOT willing to feel these things. I’m for sure not going to feel them on purpose. I must be doing this wrong?