The need for approval, validation, importance

I’m struggling with this and I’m not sure how to work through it.

I’m a running coach and I specifically help women to run their first ultra (50k).

I also run long distances.

My goal is to help more women get into this sport and for it to positively impact their lives as much as it has mine. But lately I’ve been feeling resentful of some of the women that I’ve coached (in the past) creeping up and doing the mileages/races that I’m doing.

Before I felt a little bit special and proud to be able to do things that others can’t but now I’m feeling like them also doing these races is chipping away at that.

Rationally I know this makes no sense, especially since I’ve built my business around helping women do this very thing, but I’d like to work through this and figure out what’s really going on!

Any thoughts?