The Need to be Productive

Good evening Brooke,

I could totally use some assistance with this action of mine since I don’t really understand if it’s a good or bad thing: I always feel the need to be “doing” something or being productive.
I have no problem being alone with my thoughts (I do thought downloads and models often), but when I do find myself with no chores, activities, or tasks to do, I feel guilty. I don’t believe I’m buffering, either.
I feel amazing when productive, but I don’t want to feel bad for relaxing or being inactive. I understand logically that there’s nothing wrong with relaxing, but can you help me think of questions to ask myself to find out why I do this? I sometimes feel like something is wrong with me because it seems like I’m unable to “turn off” and just relax, if that makes sense. Unsure if it’s related, but I always have a million questions about everything (I’m extremely curious), so I tend to wonder if that’s a bad thing either.

Thank you so much!