The neutrality of circumstances – MM

Hello Brooke!
I’m having trouble coming up with new thoughts regarding my current situation at work. My impossible goal is to make $60K this year. My compelling reason is so that I can be in charge of my own schedule aka rent my chair (I am a hairstylist).

I don’t like my schedule right now as I work 2 nights which I hate. I also do not like working more than 7 hours in a day as what I do is both mental and physical. I feel like I work best during the day and lose a lot of my jam for my job at night.

My goal is to work 4 days a week while making a great living. I know it’s possible but I am having trouble thinking positively about my nights at the moment. Is it crazy to ask to only work one night a week or just pay my dues until I build a solid enough clientele to make my own hours. Do I run models like C – my late days
T – I will be able to work my own hours once I put in the work
F – hopeful
A – work nights
R – do the work
I don’t really like this model because it still seems negative. I just need to get over myself until I get there but I’m having so much trouble!